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"Weekly Fight" is an e-book, NOT a paper magazine; however, we've been publishing weekly journal with more than 100 pages long besides so many photos each and every week since 2006 so they consider the journal as a magazine.
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History In general, all newsstand magazines are in trouble so they moved to an e-book publisher since 2006.
Their arch rival "Weekly Pro" is a heavily Tokyo distributed magazine and sometimes it's difficult to obtain other area of country, while E-book has been bought by many abroad fans as well.
In terms of staff and writers, "Weekly Fight MIRUHON" is a follow up media after "Weekly Fight" newspaper discontinued in 2006.
Weekly Fight maintained always strong sales in West part (Osaka/Nagoya to Hiroshima/Fukuoka) of Japan so they thought it's a good idea to transform e-book and on-line media, because it's "you can buy it anywhere, anytime" format.
In fact, Americans who follows Japanese Wrestling/MMA have been buying the journal regularly.
In a heyday of Japanese fight landscape, there are "Big Four" media compete each other's – Tokyo Sports newspaper, Weekly PURORESU magazine, Gong magazine and the Weekly Fight paper.
Among them, "Gong" is now revitalized by a totally different group of people just for the name.
Weekly Fight MIRUHON is also managed by a different company since 2006, however, their staff and writers remain essentially same office.

One of our coverage, a very Japanese Martial art “Ganryujima” held on March 25, 2016.
The Ganryujima competition is a Japan launched professional fighting competition with the concept of an ultimate different style fighting each other in the circle (like SUMO), instead of Ring or Cage environment.

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